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Covid Stories

Why have you taken the risk to come here?

The Corono virus panic was all over world. And in India, the first case was identified at the end of Janauary. Slowly when the panic was building up in the country and we at Janastu were planning field travel to the villages in Uttar Pradesh in the month of march for our new project. Team of 8 were planned for the trip. Our tickets were booked and all other arrangements were done. When the cases were increasing and first death was reported in the country and state we were residing, the fear of travel started and slowly the team were dropping from the travel plan. By the time of travel date only 2 person decided to travel considering the need of social distancing and avoid visiting in groups to the villages.

We carried our necessary safety kits and flew. Flight seemed to be fully packed. Although we could see people wearing masks but no social distance norms were followed. We reached UP. We met people, interacted with villagers, youngsters. Our project inception travel was going good, then people ask this question. Why have you taken all the risk to come here? The interesting one when they realized we hailed from Bengaluru, there was mixed reaction. One ofcourse the growing covid cases and Bengaluru is the happening and rich city. Whatever it is they were happy to share their space and time and we enjoyed their hospitality. Now it was the time the Indian government announced one day Janata curfew and there were talks about country going into lockdown. We decided to come back to Bengaluru. We reached. Curfew happened and immediately lockdown was annouced.

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During lockdown talks with MMU group