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Journeys, Dreams and everything in between

A few things can be achieved through technology, and a few more through contextual, open-source, local and community-based technology.

A case for a Webinar Pi

We have been making a case for storytelling and making as essential for inclusive development. Our rural ecosystem is losing voice due to the distance created between the textually prolific...

Papad Annotating Audio

Papad aims to be the audio visual publishing platform for the low literates, without barriers of knowing to read and write.

CrafterSpace: Photo Blog

CrafterSpace, a craft cluster project started by Mitan and Janastu, funded by Rotary Dist. 3190.

Covid Stories

Why have you taken the risk to come here?

Pet a little pup! Lockdown 2020

Listen to the moan of a dog for its master. That whining is the connection. There are love dogs no one knows the names of. Give your life to be...