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Visits to Iruway, COWKit, FTP and more from this April

Let’s start with an important update: Janastu, #3354 KR Road is now Janastu, Iruway Farms, Devarayanadurga!

Mapping migratory routes of pastoralists across India

We worked with Center for Pastoralism recently to illustrate a few migratory routes in different states that pastoralists usually travel through.

ASPi Reflections - Contextualising and Localizing Technology in Taragram

We visited the Taragram campus for the W4P meetup where many of the partnering organisations came together.

Sculpting a Webinar Pi - The Pi 4 Debacles

In order to make technology accessible, you must foster transperency and care

Journeys, Dreams and everything in between

A few things can be achieved through technology, and a few more through contextual, open-source, local and community-based technology.

A case for a Webinar Pi

We have been making a case for storytelling and making as essential for inclusive development. Our rural ecosystem is losing voice due to the distance created between the textually prolific...