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Pre Decentralized Anthillhacks 2324

A decentralized Anthillhacks

Anthillhacks, Bamboo tower, LokaLR and that loop

A 'C O W' by Bhavya, Rithika, Shalini and Tania by Bamboo tower

Monsoon at Iruway - May 2022 Update

A viper slithers into a house of python coders and...

Visits to Iruway, COWKit, FTP and more from this April

Let’s start with an important update: Janastu, #3354 KR Road is now Janastu, Iruway Farms, Devarayanadurga!

Mapping migratory routes of pastoralists across India

We worked with Center for Pastoralism recently to illustrate a few migratory routes in different states that pastoralists usually travel through.

ASPi Reflections - Contextualising and Localizing Technology in Taragram

We visited the Taragram campus for the W4P meetup where many of the partnering organisations came together.